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New Work vs Mein Leben

Welchen Einfluss könnte New Work auf dein Leben haben?

In einem Pitch von Lisa Schöttler, Expertin für Kulturveränderung in Unternehmen, widmen wir uns dem Thema „Auf dem Weg zur lernenden Organisation – Eine Frage des Klimas“. Sie wird uns zeigen, wie Unternehmen ein Fundament für New Work schaffen können, indem sie eine Organisation kreieren, in der die Mitarbeiter stetig neue Einflüsse und Inhalte verarbeiten, um auf die Arbeitswelt 4.0 vorbereitet zu sein. Und wieso denken wir in Deutschland, dass Weiterbildungen der einzige Weg sind, um Mitarbeiter zu bilden?

Damaris Kroeber, Design Thinking Coach und Co-Founder des Venture Playground, knüpft im Anschluss mit einem Beispiel aus der Praxis an. Sie unterstützte mittels Zukunftsforschung, agiler Softwareentwicklung und Innovationsprozessen eine amerikanische Bank, welche mehr als 45.000 Mitarbeiter beschäftigte, mit dem Thema „New Work in Corporate America – auch wenn es niemand so nennt“. Wieso kennt Amerika als Land der Innovation den Begriff New Work nicht?

Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 7 pm at Simplioffice. More information here.


Leipzig Creative Community Jam

We meet every Friday at 4 pm at Basislager. Click here for more info.

From the team who brought you SeedSpark comes the next iteration of creative space for learning, collaborating and building. A place where the positive energies of people looking to improve the world can come together. Every Friday, we will host a revolving schedule of activities, such as mentor hours, pitch feedback, product design workshops and more. We also know it sucks to work alone for many folks, ourselves included, so feel free to just work on your own projects as well.

Our vision is to host a self driven community that connects and empowers its members to reach their creative goals. We look forward to seeing you and building something awesome together!


Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives Meetup

Calling all female entrepreneurs and creatives, people who work and support entrepreneurship, and anybody interested in these topics ..... let's connect!

Deutsch and English, yes both!

We meet every two weeks, discuss an interesting topic, and have time to network. Click here for more info.



Folks, we are at Startup Safari Leipzig! Come join our session.

A great team can find a way to make a bad idea work, a bad team will find a way to make a great idea fail. Picking the right team is the most important decision both founders and investors have to make for a venture, so how do you get it right?

There is no right answer but, from many bad experiences, we can share with you our process for picking better founders, employees or even friends. Join us for an interactive workshop that dives into the reality of professional culture and leave with a guide for designing better teams!

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Leipzig is a beautiful city, and an exciting playground for startups. You'll soon find here an overview of all public events happening in places like Basislager, Spinlab, etc.