What people, society even, are ostensibly searching for is to spend their time in an optimally fulfilling way. Self-expression in the form of creativity, sharing, learning, exploring and enjoying the wonders of life. To provide these experiences requires something beyond what Design Thinking and previous creative methodologies have to offer because we need to see humans less as users or actors and more as ecosystems. Experience design seeks to understand and leverage the impact that sensory stimuli and culture have on the internal ecosystem that lives within human beings and, thus, drives behavior and interactions.

How many times have you been to a venue, used a product or been given information but felt like something didn't quite fit? Maybe it was the lighting, that feeling of settling for good enough, or the lecture wasn't engaging in a way that really made the content stick. We all can remember times when an experience really clicked. That little bit of something providing a brief escape from a long day, that workshop where time just flew, or the place that transported you to a world where your imagination and creativity ran wild. Experiences like these don't have to be random or deeply buried gems waiting to be found. They can be intentionally designed.

Venture Playground is made up of entrepreneurs and designers who have spent a decade or more crafting such experiences for customers and users from all walks of life. From a young age, each of us "saw" or "felt" that the fabric of our daily lives could be more, whether it was in our schools, work places or communities. Through our collective journey's, we have built frameworks and tools to better describe and utilize these dynamics to create impactful products.

Today, we are a collective with the goal of designing better ecosystems for creating, learning and building solutions. We invite you to discover the many ways we are engaging corporations, startups and the greater creative community to both share and show what Experience Design can do to bring us closer to a more fulfilling and productive world.