Startups usually fail due to three reasons: team, product desirability, and money. We solve for the "team" issue, which has a significant positive impact on the latter two reasons. 

Venture Playground Startup Studio is a co-op ("Genossenschaft"), whose members bring a variety of skills that are important on a startup journey. From product development, to data strategy, web development, design, grant writing, network and so much more, our community has the skills and experiences. 

If you are a founder that is lacking the team to get your product off the ground, we can help. Basically, we are your crowd-sourced co-founder. 

If you are a person passionate about helping others be successful, join our community of like-minded people. Here, you can work on fun founder or freelance projects, learn from others, and maybe even start your own business other co-op members (read: your tribe).

Interested? Want to learn more? Get in touch during one of our weekly events!