We design intentional experiences. 


Experience Design exists to leverage the wealth of knowledge existing within numerous fields concerning humans, the systems we work in, and our built environments to create optimal spaces for any desired outcome. To do this, we leverage knowledge from various scientific fields -- like psychology, linguistics, architecture, sociology, history, biology, neuroscience, urban planning -- and use tools developed for marketing, data science and design thinking. 

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Community is of paramount importance for a thriving creative ecosystem centered around well-designed, intentional experiences.

We believe the DNA of a community plays the largest role in defining its creative outputs. To what extent is risk taking encouraged? How much drive is there to improve existing solutions? How much money is being invested in supporting people to explore new ideas? Depending on the answers to these profile questions, someone may face too much social backlash to share an idea, let alone pursue it. Conversely, it’s possible to feel inadequate if they aren’t trying to create the next best thing. A healthy, communal approach to creativity can be designed and we are creating models to do just that. These models will be shared as we bring them to life for others to bring intentional support to their own cities and circles.

Currently, we are teaching a free, 8-week workshop on best practices in product development from idea to MVP. Using tools provided through Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and lots of personal experience, participants learn to focus on user needs, prototyping, and continuous testing throughout the whole product development cycle, as well as adopt a mindset of "it's ok to fail", "go out there and talk about it", and "let's just do it".  

We are actively working on bringing the Leipzig Startup Ecosystem closer together to encourage knowledge exchange and networking effects. As a first step, we are aggregating all public events of stakeholders of this ecosystem in one calendar. Check it out!



You are the people who push the margins, whether it’s experimenting with cocktail flavors, fundraising for a beloved project or building a network for decentralized applications it’s all about making the world a little brighter. Our team is cut from the same cloth and believes we can make the world better by supporting the creators, makers and doers with the resources, knowledge and network available to us.

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Venture Playground is made up of professionals who have worked with large organizations in IT, healthcare networks, schools, finance and more to create better products and processes through Experience Design. Digital product development, employee training, internal innovation initiatives and community development are a few of the solutions we’ve delivered over our 10+ years, respectively, of experience. If you’re looking for support to build a more constructive work environment, wanting to take a more robust approach to launching a new solution or wanting to understand a new population then Experience Design can surely help.

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